Everything DISC Assessment: Why Is This The Better Option?


Disc Profile, they say, is already a good investment. For companies, organizations and individuals, the DISC profile personality test has equipped everyone with the knowledge of others are and why they act as such. And yet, there have been a lot of claims that the Everything DISC assessment is the better option. How true could this be? Should you make the switch?

Despite the additional costs that come with Everything DISC sales, people are still wondering if it can indeed live up to its promise? Will the profile that you will get out of it be worth it? Here are a couple of reasons why Everything DISC is better than getting the Classic DISC profile types:

  • Comparison Reports – these reports will enable you to look at the profiles and the results from a critical perspective. The comparison reports will help you deal with the conflict, fix it and reduce the chances of worrying about it again.
  • More Relevant and Personal – the reports from Everything DISC have been found to be more relevant to the personal issues of the individual. The circle model that comes with the package reveals the eight scales used for measurement.
  • Memorable Circle – The circle model used in this type of assessment allows people to be intuitive. The shaded parts of the circle clearly illustrates how people are capable of adapting good behaviour, instead of getting stuck in the preferred styles that they are all used to.
  • Narrative and Visuals – Nothing could truly beat this tandem and this is exactly what sets Everything DISC apart from the classic bundle. Because of the interesting narratives and amazing visuals, participants are encouraged to engage in discussion. Surprisingly, discussions become more fluid.
  • Application Focused – what is your goal for taking the DISC test assessment? With Everything DISC, you can focus on the type of assessment you truly need. It comes in a variety of packages, especially designed to serve your best interest.

There are a lot more reasons that can be added to this list but the top five will definitely blow your mind away. In fact, it might just be what you need to be convinced. Click here to discover more about DISC behavior assessment.